Sorry, Mary Shelley, I missed your birthday! Belated remembrances for August 30th!

On that day, Tuesday, in 1814, Mary, Shelley and Claire were travelling back to England through Germany, after their elopement, on a boat on the Rhine. Mary turned seventeen. The river was “violent”and “swollen with high waves" Shelley wrote in their joint journal: "It is Marys birth day. we do not solemnize this day in comfort. We expect to be not happier, but more at our ease before the year passes.” In spite of their discomfort on the boat, Shelley writes: A ruined tower with its desolated windows stood on the summit of another hill that jutted into the river. beyond the sunset was illuminating the mountains and the clouds, and casting the reflection of its hues on the agitated river. The brilliance and contrast of the shades and colourings of the circling whirl pools of the stream was an appearance entirely new and most beautiful.” This was not the only castle they saw on that journey. They also passed Castle Frankenstein, where an Alchemist, Dippel, was reputed to have exhumed bodies for anatomical research. Inspiration comes from many sources! This is my picture of the now ruined Castle Frankenstein. I love the way the leaves hang to resemble a bat….

Posted on September 2, 2015 .