Solving the mystery of Claire Clairmont's real father.

Solvinhe mystery of Claire Clairmont's real father.
Just had a great conversation with Vicki Parslow Stafford who lives in Brisbane. She was recently researching her family and came across letters From Mary Jane Vial, who called herself Clairmont and was Claire's mother. 
Although it was known that Claire was probably illegitimate, and her mother told her her father was Swiss, these letters prove that her father was Sir John Lethbridge, a Somerset land owner. 
Sir John acknowledged paternity, and there are wonderful letters between Mary Jane Godwin, as she became, and Sir John and his solicitor, showing Mrs. Godwin using all of her whiles to get more child support from him! 
I was up 'til 2am reading them! Love the research!

This is Claire. 

Posted on July 8, 2014 .